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What can the IfM do for You?

  • Companies –
    IfM offers a full spectrum of academic Degree study, taking students to PhD as well as to MBA und BA level. We give professional support to companies, providing employee development in the form of seminars and coaching and we are also able to advise in sponsorship matters.
  • Individuals –
    Lifelong learning guarantees your professional success. All careers are based upon a combination of hard work and qualification – and we see it as our obligation to you to continually adapt to changing conditions. The result is a dynamic, academic, internationally accredited degree such as our Executive MBA-programme in General Management which will enable you to increase your personal opportunities in the employment marketplace, to raise your profile within your current employment and to fulfil your desire for greater academic advancement.
  • HR-Managers –
    Will find at IfM, tailor-made further education and training programme offers designed to suit internal as well as external development. We design together with the client individual further education programmes and connect companies from different industries and a successful training completion can also be credited towards our MBA-programme.
  • Family Businesses
    …and their closest employees find in our compact management seminars answers to questions about business economics, marketing and leadership. The BA-programme in business economics enables you to work at your own pace towards an extra-occupational Academic Degree.
  • For Those Re-entering Employment
    …you will receive current knowledge to complement the individual basic education around “what is really needed in the economy“.
  • Persons who are interested in networks and in business contacts 
    will find added value in the various social events organised by the IfM.

Service spectrum

The IfM in Salzburg is a leading service provider in the areas of personel development and training.

We offer:

  • Ph.D.  extra-occupational Doctorate studies
  • Executive MBA in General Management
  • Bachelor-programme in business economics
  • Management training
  • Training & Consulting

Mission Statement

According to our motto "Leading you to success" the IfM follows primarily one goal: your success!

Participants in IfM education programmes will be qualified to successfully run companies and larger business units through a well-grounded, modern and practical economics education, and  to stand their ground in the face of increasing national and international competition.