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Demand for the provision of training and education programmes has risen dramatically in recent years and the education industry has expanded grown to meet the challenge. Such is the variety of programmes on offer that it is not always easy to identify the one programme that is appropriate for you as an individual or for your company. So what can you expect from the Institute for Management? And more to the point, why select us?

IfM is unique in many ways. It offers an unparalleled learning environment in the beautiful Schloss Leopoldskron in Salzburg, surrounded by the gently lapping waters of the lake and the imposing vista of distant mountains. But the environment is not the only unique feature of education with the IfM.

Consider also

  • The opportunity to apply learning skills which translate freely and immediately to the workplace
  • Degree Programmes tailored completely to the individual as well as
  • Educational and Consulting programmes tailored to the individual business
  • Constant care, encouragement and advice from the IfM team and from your personal tutors
  • An emphasis throughout on current solutions to current problems provided by a Faculty who are not only academically qualified but have also proven their grasp of theory in the business arena
  • A dynamic approach to learning and to the acquisition of practical business concepts conducted in small and highly personalized learning groups

The Graduate Network of IfM

The IfM Alumni is an international, cross-sector network for all graduates of the IfM training programs and will give you the chance of staying in contact with your fellow graduates, get to know interesting people and make valuable contacts.

The IfM is happy about the active network, which is constantly expanding and offers numerous opportunities to cultivate contacts:

  • IfM-Update regularly informs you about news in the continuing education sectors an the ongoing new offers at the IfM
  • IfM-Forum - an event concept of the special kind with impulse lectures to brand-new topics
  • IfM regulars' tables - a good opportunity to exchange ideas in a relaxed atmosphere
  • IfM company visits - here you get insights and contacts to various industries and business areas
  • Study trips to the USA and Europe - in order to stay up to date in the international arena, there is the opportunity to make exciting contacts here
  • Workshops and seminars on current topics fpr the ongoing knowledge update

International networks and contacts

IfM is also proud of its totally international approach, reflecting IfM principles based upon the importance of international networking. In order to compete in today’s global marketplace, international networks and contacts as well as personal and social competences are vital elements of success. This is reflected in the prominent role played in the IfM MBA Programme by the Intercultural Exchange Seminar as well as by the IfM multi-cultural Faculty, with Lecturers and subject-matter experts in business science and economics, human capital and more.

Let IfM and its dedicated team support you in in your personal and educational development.

Let us Lead you to Success.

Your IfM Team